Frequently Ask Questions


Q : How to send a electronic load to my friends abroad or in Philippines?

Sending load is now easy, just click add to cart button in Paload home page and you will pay via paypal account or via card.

Q : Is Paload legitimate?

Yes, we are not here to scam people online, we are here to provide loads online with secure payment and reliable honest personel online.

Making the payment

Q : How to pay? What types of payment do we accept?

We accept PayPal. VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit cards, processed securely by your paypal account.

Q : What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online sytems that accepts VISA, Master Cards and Credit Cards that are securely proccessed by them and has sure anti-frued capabilities.

Q : Is my payment secure?
Yes. PayPal uses modern encryption industry standards to keep your credit card protected.
We receive the amount of your payment from PayPal and we do not receive any private credit card details.
This makes your payment really secure.  
Also PayPal provides the Purchase Protection program for every buyer. 
You can read more about the Purchase Protection program on their site

Processing your order

Q : How soon can i receive my load after i paid?

Paload automatically processes load transactions instantly as soon as you paid.

Please note, here on Paload we make reasonable effort to keep our transactions secure. If this is your first purchase with us we may have to perform an additional verification of your order. It usually takes 10 minutes and we will load right away after verification.

Q : I'm sending a load from another City/Country/Timezone. How do i know the status of my transaction?

Here is something what we do well. First of all, after you've completed your payment with PayPal press "Return to merchant" link.

You will be redirected back to our page what shows how your order is being processed in real time! You don't need to make any additional efforts, just check your phone. In result you will see the confirmation or an alert if something goes wrong with your recipient number.

We always send all status updates and confirmations to your email address instantly. You will always be up to date.